Clients Say

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

“Life now feels like an adventure and I want to be part of it.” Paul, 19

“I found Karen friendly, straight up and down to earth. I felt I could trust her and working with her felt like a partnership.” Suze, 30

“I feel brilliant compared with before treatment…everything was able to be applied.” Craig, 24

“I now know more about the reasons behind why I feel the way I do…I feel like there could be hope (at last)!” Julie, 28

“Relaxed…confident…at peace…the significant revelations about myself have been quite freeing.” Sheryl, 36

“I’m more positive, more hopeful, more “normal” and more able to control my thoughts.” Ling, 47

“Fantastic…I don’t enjoy talking about myself but it was easy and helpful”Kara, 37

“Karen seemed to get what I was saying almost immediately…she didn’t make me feel that my problems were unimportant.” Lynley 52

“I feel much more positive and optimistic. It gave me the freedom to talk about my feelings very openly.” Helen, 81

“I liked Karen’s positive and friendly approach. Today I’m feeling much better thanks to Karen who put me in the right direction.” Abana, 34

“Thank you for believing in me and my ability to get well. The sessions have made a huge impact on my recovery and my trust and faith in health professionals has been restored.” Tina, 28


“Going to a psychologist isn’t weird. Karen just helped me sort through the hard things going on my life so I could concentrate on playing well.” Professional cricketer

“John Kirwan isn’t the only guy to benefit from this stuff.” Elite footballer

“I walked into Karen’s office feeling the pressure to perform and getting anxious about my ability to improve my performance. I walked out of her office with a sense of liberation and feeling totally in control of my performance.” High performance netball umpire

“Coaching within high performance sport is a tough environment. Coaches need to surround themselves with good people. Karen is one those.” ANZ championship netball coach

“I was struggling with my eating and over-training. Body image stuff is huge for women in sport. You need more than positive self-talk and visualisation to get on top of it.” Triathlete/cyclist

“It really helped. I needed it! I needed to sort myself (and my gambling) out….I was spending money like water.” Professional rugby player

“I had a panic attack on the field before I got proper help. It sort of scared me that I had been clinically depressed for months…no wonder I couldn’t perform.” Professional cricketer

“The negative stuff in my head was just taking over. I had such a fear of losing that I lost all the joy of the job.”Professional rugby coach


“Thanks…everyone is buzzing about your presentation and we all think it could be extended for future conferences. Look forward to working with you again.” Netball NZ

“Karen gives you things you can’t get out of a text book. She gets it. It’s real.” Elite sports coach (Before Generation Y Drive You Crazy….)

“Excellent presenter – pitched at right level. Really interesting…would like to have more of this in future.” Participant feedback, (Building Confidence and Resilience)

“Thanks so much for a great presentation!! It was just at the level we needed for our managers.” Ministry for the Environment (Psychology in the Workplace)

“Last night I felt inspired by your presentation…keep up the good work.” Audience feedback, (Sleeping with the Enemy: How to Navigate the Media)

“Thanks so much for the session…the feedback from all our umpires has been extremely positive.” Wellington High Performance Netball (Tough Stuff for Sports Officials)

“Karen knew what she was talking about. When the media attention heated up, the advice turned out to be spot on.” Participant (Becoming a Televised Athlete)