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MINDjam™ series for young people.

The latest psychology in a multi-media package.  Learn to like yourself, get on with others, sort your problems and live your best life. Now available in schools or to groups on request.

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Workshops and presentations

Mind food for your staff, teachers or athletes!

Karen offers a range of workshops and presentations. Topic, length, format and cost tailored to suit requirements. Recent engagements include:

  • WHO AM I? Getting a Grip On Yourself
    Self knowledge is power for organisations and corporates
  • Love Yourself (in case your friends turn out to be bitches)
    Relationships and Self-Esteem workshop.
  • My Bum Looks Brilliant in This
    Based on the book (Random House, 2009). Hear the one true secret of lasting weight loss.
  • Aliens or Generation Y?
     Tips and tricks for working with young people


Karen really connected with all the women who attended. The feedback from her presentation (Love Yourself…in case your friends turn out to be bitches) was outstanding – great tips and a lot of laughs – and we’d love to have her back next year. I hope she’ll say ‘yes’  – Andrea Stewart, founder, New Zealand Women’s Conference, 2011

Sports Workshops.

  • Cookies and Monsters – sports psych for young people
  • Top Two Inches – sports psych tips for peak performance
  • Crunch Time – self management for umpires, coaches and sports officials
  • Before Your Athletes Drive You Nuts….working with young people
  • Sleeping with the Enemy: Media training for athletes, coaches and officials.

Here’s some of the feedback…

“The New Zealand Women’s Conference, held yesterday in Wellington, is a day designed for Kiwi women to meet professional speakers specialising in business, psychology, sport, lifestyle and design. One of the most popular speakers over the past two years it has been held has been clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo. Her seminar, titled “Love yourself (In case your friends turn out to be bitches)”, was a guide to building the mental toughness required to conquer low self-esteem, Stewart said.”
 – Sunday Star Times, May 2012

“Some really simple but hugely important take away points.”
 – NZ Rugby Union Staff Development Day 2013

“Your presentation was excellent, covering all of the things I asked you to, with other strong messages and constructed in a compelling and cohesive way – very impressive…”
 – Waimarama Taumaunu (from address to Wellington region youth netballers

“Best event in week….very enjoyable….great…..very enjoyable.”
from Positively Clutha Women, 2010 Conference

“Good practical advice…fantastic real life examples…excellent presentation.”
 – from Corporate Wellbeing Conference, Wellington 2010

“Thanks for a great presentation…just pitched at the right level for our managers”
 – from Ministry for the Environment presentation to managers

Everyone is buzzing about your session…it was a real asset to our seminar.”
 – Netball New Zealand

“Thanks for your inspirational talk to our players…half of them want to be sports psychologists now!”
 – from address to development squad netballers