bookPut your weight demons behind you forever. Stop obsessing about food and weight. Unpack your relationship with food to achieve lasting peace with your body.

Karen offers help for anyone dealing with food and weight difficulties. She has achieved great results with both overweight clients and those with eating disorders. That’s because the philosophy is the same no matter whether you are underweight or overweight – understand yourself, learn to like yourself, and you will be on your way to having the body you deserve.

Shrink ™ Weight Loss

Shrink ™ is a unique approach to weight loss in that it goes after the reasons you gain, lose and regain weight — and can’t stop thinking about food and your body. Understanding your food and weight psychology is the first step on the road to lasting weight loss. It targets your stresses and difficulties so that you can lose weight while getting on with creating a great life.

Shrink ™ combines psychological assessment with a practical guide to a weight loss plan that you can live with – without sacrificing enjoyment. Specialist nutrition and physical activity advice is included in programmes tailored to suit your personality, lifestyle and budget. For further information email Karen@onthecouch.co.nz

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What readers and clients say…

Mandi Lynn“Karen challenged me and engaged me in a way that progressed me across all aspects of my life.  For years I had an underlying fear and shame that influenced everything, including my sense of self and my perception of what I deserved.  This had been a weight to me for so long that I didn’t even realise it was detrimental to my life.

Karen helped me take responsibility for “liking” myself first. Her support around my goals particularly weight loss was about what I was putting in my head not my mouth and the change in this helped me to achieve an 84kg weight loss.  I am not only a new person I am less than half of what I was before.  A colleague commented even though you are less in size you seem more in yourself than I have ever seen you.

Karen won’t do it for you – why would she?  She gave me the confidence to know I didn’t need her, I could do it myself – this was empowering and life changing – I’m not a gushy person but life changing is what it was.  I approach life now without fear and the have confidence to live  in a mindful way that has made my life an exciting and authentic adventure.”
 – Kerri-June Clayton

“I had the privilege of being on the receiving end of Karen’s amazing therapy when I couldn’t find an answer for a 10 year eating disorder. Karen’s commitment to my health and lifestyle was evident from day one, she genuinely cared.  I looked forward to my Wednesday’s – when I would dance down Lambton Quay to my therapy session……eagerly. I almost dreaded Thursday’s knowing I had another 6 days to wait for the next one!

Without fail,  every session I came out knowing more about myself and was equipped with strategies to beat the beast of anorexia.  Karen’s comforting and funky manner ensured no session went by where we didn’t have a laugh. She understood me, explained in detail why I behaved the way I did and extracted a love for myself which I didn’t know existed.

“This book is one of the best books on weight loss ever written. I have been teaching Nutrition for Weight Loss programmes at the gym for four years now and use Karen’s book as a basis for them. My clients love the chapters on identifying relationships and changing behaviours and say this ‘head stuff’  is what makes this programme so different and so successful from others. Thanks Karen for helping my clients achieve their weight loss goals.”
 – Angela Hewson – Director Her Fitness Ltd

“Love the book. I think she has nailed it – and I hope her message can get out there to the thousands of women who struggle with these issues and beat themselves up about how they look on a daily basis.  The diet industry combined with the pressure to conform to perfection is a cruel business and the world will be a better place when women can tackle these things in a healthy, happy way that boosts self-esteem instead of eroding it.”
 – Hannah 36

“I’m reading your book and think it’s the best thing I’ve ever read.”
 – Annie, 32

“I’ve just finished hoovering up the pages of your book….I loved every second of it…the humour and the simplicity. My brain feels less cluttered and I feel sooo much lighter. I know there will always be cake and horrible lighting in retail changing rooms….but that doesn’t seem like such a big deal any more.”
 – Jenny, 37

“I’m not a reader but I read (your book) in 3 days. OMG! It was a revelation. I saw myself so many times, the exercises have already uncovered stuff that I am going to work on letting go – and get on and enjoy my life. I feel fabulous!!”
 – Tanya, 42

“Dear Krazy Psyche, I don’t like reading but i loved your book. I felt like i was in your room undergoing a therapy session or something weird like that. Were you reading my mind? Anyways thanks from this broad, big thigh Island girl. Your book cracked me up, I feel inspired to appreciate my body and treat it well.”
 – Maggie, 22

“You have without doubt hit a great societal problem for women. It’s clear, concise, firm and most importantly presents hope. Well done.”
 – Sharryn, 58

“I’m going to have an early night so I can read that chick’s funny book. I love her, she’s cool.”
 – Tania, 26

“I’ve done all the exercises and I’ve lost 10kg. Thanks , great book”

“Logical and lighthearted….Karen’s message is that if you focus your energy on being a happy, fun, interesting person the weight loss can become an added bonus.”
 – Excerpt from wardrobeflair.blogspot.com

“This book is so overdue. Not for guys for faddy chicks, this says it like it is – big plus – it’s funny. If you have had it up to here with diets that don’t work, this book tells you why and what to do about it. I can thoroughly recommend.”
 – Online review

Why this book is not for men

Excerpt from book…

This is what I love about men. Well, there are other things too, but this is a biggie. Men, in general, don’t care about their size. OK, I lie. Men do worry about the size of one of their body parts and they want it to be really, really big. In fact, if they could guarantee that food would bulk up that particular anatomical feature they would never stop eating.  Truly, most men don’t think about their weight. Only when they get to the point where they can’t get past their stomach to find the TV remote control on the floor will a man note that he has a weight problem. Even then the panic will last about as long as it takes him to rip the tab off the next can of beer.

So you don’t believe me? Try this test. Ask a man to name his favourite body part and I bet you he’ll say breasts or legs. The enlightened man who realises you are asking about his body – not a female one – will look at you with a sly grin and a wink and you know immediately what he is thinking. I mean, have you ever met a man who admits he takes size small underpants? Now I’m not trying to depict men as Neanderthal beings who only drink lots of beer, wear bigger underpants than they need and dwell obsessively on sex. They do other things too. No, seriously, I’m just trying to point out gender differences when it comes to weight. Women obsess. Men barely care. They honestly believe, that whatever their shortcomings, they can pull the chicks. And, interestingly, they very often can. Men think women are gorgeous so are often surprised and confused when women don’t see themselves the same way. And we are a lot more relaxed about the weight of the men in our lives than we are about our own. So guess who are the smart ones?

The point is that men and women think differently. I’m not talking about anatomical brain structure or hormonal differences which may affect our moods and cognitive function.  I’m talking about the content of our thoughts and the way we process them. More specifically, I’m talking about the way we view our bodies and weight and how we process societal pressure to be thin. That’s why programmes that offer the ultimate answer to weight loss won’t work for most women: they don’t recognise men and women as different beings. It makes sense doesn’t it: women carry weight differently from men, mentally as well as physically, so we need different ways, different tricks, to lose it.

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